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Ad-built is a leader in the customised design and construction of residential extensions and renovations in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas. We provide a personalised ‘One stop shop ‘ for clients who want a designer and builder that can take a project from concept to reality and can efficiently project manage the entire construction process from council and other authority applications and engineering fees, through to completion.

Advantages of dealing with Ad-built:

  • Operating since 1976 with over 2500 happy clients.
  • Reputable and long serving members of HIA and MBA building associations.
  • Risk free design and estimation service.(link to risk free design and estimation service page)
  • Experienced designers and dedicated construction managers
  • Highly experienced team of licenced tradesmen.
  • Customised designs to specifically meet your needs.
  • One stop shop for your total construction needs.

Move or Extend?

Whether you’re running out of space for your growing family or your house is looking a bit tired, the same question always comes up;

Should I sell up and buy a bigger place or build a new home and what are the downsides to this choice?

  • Finding a new home that meets your needs, meets your budget and is where you want to live is not as easy as you might think.
  • Selling your home before you buy and timing the sales and purchases of existing and new homes can be difficult.
  • Finding a suitable rental and rental costs while building a new home add up.
  • Costs like sales commissions, building reports, pest inspections, stamp duty, bank fees and legal fees all add up quickly.
  • If building a new house, knowing the costs of things like basix and bushfire requirements, and site costs are expensive and sometimes not shown in the initial costing. These costs can be greater than you might thing.

There is another choice!!! EXTEND WITH AD-BUILT

By designing and constructing with Ad-built you add space and value to your existing home providing many benefits;

  • You get to live at the location you like; Your home.
  • You can live in your home while the work gets done.
  • No changing schools.
  • No wasted money on the fees and costs of moving house.
  • Your home extension will increase the value of your existing asset.
  • Reduced costs and loans compared to new homes.
  • You can modernise and tailor your existing home as a part of the extension, like upgrading to a new or larger kitchen or re vamp an existing bathroom.

Our risk free design and estimation service.

Ad-built provide a risk free design and estimation service for our prospective design and construct clients.


  1. Click on our ‘request a quotation’ button, fill in the details and one of our designers will contact you. Alternatively, ring our office and ask for a quotation. Our receptionist will ask details of type of works, location, email and contact numbers and will arrange an initial meeting with one of our designers..
  2. Before the meeting, it is a good idea to do some work to make this process run smoothly;
  • Check with your bank on how much you can borrow.
  • Come up with a figure for your building budget. Remember, you may need extra money put aside for things like blinds, carpet, light fittings and painting.
  • Prioritise what is important in the proposed extension for example, “I really want two bedrooms of a certain size with built in robes and a bathroom with a corner spa.”
  • See if you have a site plan, drawings of your existing dwellings and information on your block like lot No. and DP. These can be easily found on your council rates notice.
  1. After our initial meeting, our designer will present an Initial Design Sketch and work with you to discuss any changes and refine the design to your needs. Once you are satisfied with the design our designer will present a Preliminary Estimate and Specification.
  2. When you are sure that you are ready to begin the more ‘formal’ part of the process then you authorise Ad-built to prepare all of the documents necessary to build the approved Design. This includes the full construction Plans & Specifications, Contract documents and DA & CC applications. To initiate this process a small Contract Preparation fee is paid relevant to the size of the job, but any amount paid is deducted off the total building cost as long as you enter into a Building Agreement with Ad-built.
  3. Once the Building Agreement, DA and CC documents are prepared our designer will make an appointment to walk you through them and facilitate the signing of all necessary documents. This formalises a contract between both parties.
  4. After the required ‘cooling off period’ (5 working days), Ad-built will begin the process of getting building approval for your project., and pay the Home Owners Warranty insurance for your particular project.

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